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RFK Feeds Hungry New Yorkers!

Zamir Hassan, the director of Muslims Against Hunger organization, gave RFK students a brief lesson about hunger in the U.S.

200 healthy meals were distributed to local, needy people.

50+ students participated to promote this community service program.



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Parents: Top 5 things you can do to help your student complete the FAFSA

1. Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. Beginning January 1, families can complete the 2016-2017 FAFSA at the FAFSA website on their children's behalf using the 2014 tax returns. Once you have filed your 2015 taxes, you can then go back to your application and update your FAFSA accordingly. Use the IRS' Data Retrieval Tool to update your tax information, which will be available beginning February 7, 2016.

2. Create a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) on the U.S. Department of Education's (USDOE) website, a couple of days before completing your child's FAFSA (and encourage your child to create one, too). FSA IDs are personal usernames and passwords that provide individuals with access to the FSA website and can be used as a legal signature on FAFSAs. Students and parents will need their FSA IDs to submit their FAFSAs online, and it may take up to three days before they can use their FSA IDs. Once you and your child have signed up for FSA IDs, remember to keep a record of both new usernames and passwords, and record them in a safe place for future reference.
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Mrs.Poppers and RFK students help hungry NYers

Congratulations RFK!


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Parent's Bill of Rights

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Principal Abdellatif's
Letter to Parents on
DOE's Cellphone Policy

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Parents and Guardians: 
Follow these easy Steps to Enable
RFKHS's Twitter Push Notifications:

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Financial Aid

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I am writing to provide you with information about the Department of Education’s Emergency Readiness Initiatives that are in place in all NYC Public Schools.

Every school currently has procedures for emergencies. In 2000, New York State Education Law Section 2801 was enacted requiring schools to develop safety plans regarding emergency response. In July of 2001, the law was amended to require that plans include information for evacuation and sheltering. In accordance with this, “schools need to conduct drills and other exercises to test components of the emergency response plan.”


To complete 9th grade and move to 10th grade, you must have a minimum of 8 credits.
To complete 10th grade and move to the 11th grade, you must have a minimum of 20 credits (including 4 in English and/or ESL and 4 in Social Studies)
To complete 11th grade and move to the 12th grade, you must have a minimum of 30 credits.
To graduate, you must have a minimum of 44 credits.

In addition, you must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all grades.

In addition, to earn a...
Regents Diploma you must score 65 or above on 5 required Regents exams
Advanced Regents Diploma you must score 65 or above on 8 Regents exams
Regents Honors Endorsement you must score a 90 or above on all Regents exams

Local Diploma:
If you began high school in 2006, to earn a Local Diploma you must score 65 or above on 3 of the 5 required Regents exams and score 55 or above on the remaining 2 required Regents exams
If you began high school in 2007, to earn a Local Diploma you must score 65 or above on 4 of the 5 required Regents exams and score 55 or above on the remaining required Regents exams
If you began high school in 2008 or later, you may not receive a Local Diploma and must meet the Regents Diploma requirements.

200 hours of Community Service is required to graduate.

Triborough Bridge named after RFK

Now that the Triborough Bridge has been renamed after former New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy, some city schools are teaching lessons about his life.

His daughter, Kerry Kennedy, pictured left, made the announcement at the RFK Community High School in Flushing, Queens.  
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